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“Something Magical”:

A Glimmer of Hope for the American Chestnut

Drake Farmer

More than a century ago, the American chestnut was decimated by a fungus. A group of scientists, volunteers, and university biology, geology, and environmental science departments are fighting to bring it back. But it will take a lot longer to restore the American chestnut to its place in the Appalachian forest than it did to destroy it.


We Live Close

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It is a hot July day when I arrive in Birmingham, Alabama, slightly more than two hours from my home in Tennessee.

Laurie Vaughen

The letters for ‘D E S E G R E G A T I O N’ were written upside down on the jail wall…

A Pinch of Knowing

A little bit goes a long way.

daniel giraldo

The choice to sacrifice health for convenience; to elect globalization instead of localism in the marketplace; to secure a food industry rather than a community of cultivation, has mankind running to the hills—and back to the family farm